Highly intelligent embedded devices with graphics-based displays face a new challenge.  Today’s users were raised on gesture-based user interfaces and are more likely to swipe at a screen than to try to tap the scroll bar.  This becomes a training issue unless the embedded device can understand that swipe or pinch gesture. Fortunately, Windows Embedded Compact has built-in support for gesture input.  This webcast will cover how your embedded application can interpret gestures to provide a more intuitive user interface.  We’ll also discuss how to enable gestures for the standard controls and how to use the physics engine to get that cool bounce and spring back that users expect.  Reach out and grab some knowledge by attending this example filled presentation!


Presenter: Douglas Boling, Author, “Programming Microsoft Embedded Windows CE”, and Windows Embedded Compact 7 Technical Consultant.


Date and Time:  Jan. 10th, 2012 @ 9:00AM (PST)


Doug is a respected Windows Embedded guru.  Take advantage of the opportunity to learn from his knowledge.  Visit the following URL to register for this free webcast:



This webcast is recorded and available from the following URL: