The 2011 Imagine Cup Worldwide final competition for the Embedded Development category started on Day-2.  20 teams from 20 different countries were invited to compete in New York.

The competition on Day-2 was an all day event.  Out of the 20 teams, the top 15 teams advanced to the next phase of the competition.

2011_IC_Day2_1  2011_IC_Day2_2  2011_IC_Day2_3 

2011_IC_Day2_4  2011_IC_Day2_5  2011_IC_Day2_6 

Student teams were busy setting up the showcase for their project.


2011_IC_Day2_7  2011_IC_Day2_8  2011_IC_Day2_9 

(Left to right)

Photo-1: Waiting for round-1 result. 

Photo-2: Embedded development competition judges (Prof. Tien-Fu Chen, Erwin Zwart, Samuel Phung, Thierry Joubert and Prof. Anshul Kumar)

Photo-3: Embedded Development captain, Gitte-Lena Andersen and Olivier Bloch, announce student teams advanced to round-2 of the competition.


2011_IC_Day2_10   2011_IC_Day2_11  2011_IC_Day2_12 

Photo-1: Student teams advanced to round-2.  Photo-2 and 3, Gitte-Lena and Olivier provide additional information to student teams advanced to round-2.