Imagine Cup is a year long competition.  For the 2011 Worldwide final, the competition started in 2010, with more than 350,000 registrants from 183 countries/regions. The 2011 Worldwide final was held in New York, from July 7 to 14, with 124 teams from 70 different countries competed. Visit the following Imagine Cup URL for more detailed information:


Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer delivered speech and cut ribbon during the opening ceremony


Dr. Jeffrey Sachs delivered a speech at the opening ceremony and gave a life-long homework to all finalists, use technology to develop solution that help the environment and save our planet.  Dr. Sachs is the director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University.  He is also the Special Advisor to the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.



Dennis Crowley, Foursquare founder and CEO, shared his success story and talk about how he kept on trying for years and did not gave up after multiple failed attempts.  Success is the result of persistence and lots of hard work



2011 Imagine Cup Worldwide final opening ceremony