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Windows Embedded 8 Released Today!

On March 20, 2013, Microsoft announced the general availability of the Windows Embedded 8 family of operating systems.

2013 MVP Summit: Tremendous Opportunity awaiting Windows Embedded and Visual Studio Developers

Coming back from the 2013 MVP Summit, I am very excited and anxiously waiting for the new generation of Windows Embedded products, to be release…  Very soon!

Welcome Vladimir Gregor (Bee Mobile) to the Embedded101 Community

Welcome Vladimir Gregor with Bee Mobile to join and support the Embedded101 community!  Bee Mobile provides software component, such as iPack for Compact Framework, iDesk for .NET Framework and Metropolis for Windows Phone, to help developer create cutting-edge application for the Embedded, Desktop and Mobile market place.

Windows Embedded: Platform for Next Gen Embedded Devices

Adopting Windows Embedded enabled platform to build Next Gen embedded specialized purpose devices.

Updated Windows Embedded Compact 7 Documentation on MSDN

If you have not visited the online documentation for Compact 7 on Microsoft’s MSDN site, it has been updated with new contents…

Windows Phone 8 Development Jump Start

The Windows Phone 8 development jump start sessions, by Andy Wigley and Rob Tiffany, are awesome.  If you are new to this environment, this two day events can save you lots of time wandering around, looking for information resources and how-to

Compact 7 Getting Started Part-9: Deploy OS Image to Target Device

In part-9 of this getting started series, we will work through the process to deploy an OS image to an x86 device to support application development, using an eBox-3300MX (eBox) as the target device.

Compact 7 Getting Started Part-8: Debug and Remote Tools

In part-8 of this getting started series, we will talk about the debugging tools available as part of the Compact 7 development environment and work through couple of examples, showing how to use Compact 7 remote tools to debug a KITL enabled OS image launched on a target device.

Visual Studio 2012 support for Windows Embedded Compact

David Campbell and Andrew Pardoe talk about Visual Studio 2012 supports Windows Embedded Compact vNext …

Windows Embedded Standard 8 CTP3 Released

Today, Microsoft released Windows Embedded Standard 8 Community Technology Preview 3…

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