After hearing about it for months, finally Windows Embedded Compact 2013 has arrived!

The successor to Windows Embedded Compact 7 promises a number of improvements that I report below:

  • General improvements related to the core;
  • Improved performance of the file system (which in my opinion was one of the weaknesses of previous versions);
  • Otimization of the boot which has a duration of a few seconds, possibly with a UI and a number of drivers that are already active;
  • Built-in support for Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth;

Obviously, the operating system supports x86 and ARM architectures and the development environment is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2012, and is guaranteed to coexist side-by-side as an environment previously installed Visual Studio 2008 (WCE7) or Visual Studio 2005 (WCE6).

In order to begin to enjoy the new features, you can download it at the following link and can be very useful to follow the two webinars by Douglas Boling on 18 and 25 June:

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is for Application Developers too !

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