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Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP on Windows Embedded and IoT. Devices to cloud, IoT, M2M and embedded systems.
Twitter: @ppatierno

ThingSpeak Community : my uPLibrary into tutorials section !

Those who follow my blog know that last month, my library uPLibrary dedicated to. NET Micro Framework has been extended with a client for the ThingSpeak platform for the Internet of Things. Today I was surprised to see my project referenced in the tutorials that just ThingSpeak offers on the site to push the use of its system of IoT!

AnalogInput : Netduino .Net MF 4.1 vs .Net MF 4.2

One of the main new features of version 4.2 of the. NET Micro Framework is the support for the analog inputs with the introduction of class AnalogInput (namespace Microsoft.SPOT.Hardware). Until this version, each producer board that carried out the porting of the framework on it, introduced in its SDK a custom class for the management of these inputs. In particular, also the SecretLabs, producer of Netduino, provides the class AnalogInput (in the namespace SecretLabs.NETMF.Hardware) with version 4.1 and that presents some difference than is currently introduced into the new version. Thanks to this innovation, the developer can work with the same class of more different board without having to adapt from time to time to the specific implementation by the manufacturer thereof.

.Net Micro Framework 4.3 Beta released

A few days ago was released the beta version of. NET Micro Framework 4.3 which will bring with him the following main changes:

  • support for Visual Studio 2012 and the Windows version of Desktop Express;
  • all the features of the QFE 4.2 and bug fixes (PWM improvement, higher reliability of the lwIP stack, analog inputs, WinUSB and support for the latest versions of the GCC compiler);
  • improved diagnostic information;
  • reduced the boot time;

For more information, this is the link to the official page on Codeplex.

Internet Of Things and μPLibrary : client for ThingSpeak platform

A Internet of Things client for ThingSpeak platform implemented for .Net Micro Framework inside my library uPLIbrary on CodePlex.


Snoozy on Windows Phone Marketplace !

You no longer fear losing your bus stop or train in the course ofyour daily trips because of sleep. You are welcome to take a nap and the appwill alert you with an alarm when the destination is near.

Uefa Ranking on Windows Phone Marketplace !

This application displays the UEFA ranking of club teams and associations for the selected year up to five years earlier. On the UEFA club ranking, you can apply a filter by club name and association membership.

BabyOnBoard on Windows Phone Marketplace !

This application allows you to calculate the main information relating to a pregnancy...

On Channel9 : Windows 8 and the .NET Micro Framework

Pete Brown on Channel9 shows us how to write Windows Store apps that use the .NET Micro Framework and advanced socket networking...

Netduino : firmware 4.2.0 released

Following the official release of the .Net Micro Framework 4.2, theSecret Labs released firmware 4.2.0 for Netduino based on this new version of.Net Micro Framework.

.Net Micro Framework 4.2 RTM (QFE2) : download available

Followingdisclosure of the issue of availability. Net Micro Framework 4.2 RTM (qfe2) of24 July, today was officially made ​​available for download on Codeplex…

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