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Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft MVP on Windows Embedded and IoT. Devices to cloud, IoT, M2M and embedded systems.
Twitter: @ppatierno

uCloudy : access to the cloud. NET Micro Framework is served!

This is the time of a project completely dedicated to Cloud but always with the goal of providing additional functionality and capabilities to an embedded system. uCloudy is a library that aims to provide a variety of clients for. NET Micro Framework to connect to the main cloud services. The first and for now only service supported in this first release is Windows Azure Mobile Services. As we all know, Microsoft provides a set of SDK to take advantage of this service in Windows applications store, Windows Phone, iOS, Android and the Web I have tried to bring this functionality in embedded systems with. NET Micro Framework. All this has been made ​​possible thanks to the RESTful interface that the mobile services provide for interfacing to them. Thanks to the HTTP client that I recently integrated into uPLibrary,  I made a series of classes through which you can perform the four basic operations on the tables of mobile services: insert, update, delete, and query. The client is implemented through th ...

A micro HTTP client inside uPLibrary !

I never stop and even now that I'm on vacation I still .... develop! This time it's up to my uPLibrary I upgraded to version 2.0 (of course also on Nuget with support for three versions of the. NET Micro Framework 4.1 from 4.1 to the current 4.3) with a new component: an HTTP client. All you're probably asking questions about why the need to rewrite an HTTP client whereas there are already thoroughly tested the HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse directly included. Net Micro Framework. The reason is that in some boards with low memory (see Netduino), the assemblies for these two classes are too large and working with streams they are under-performing. For this reason, I decided to create a simple client (any advice for its improvement is welcome) that uses directly the socket without any intermediate layer of abstraction (a concept that many times in embedded systems must be limited to improve performance). The programming model is quite simple, as it involves the use of the HttpClient class that provides t ...

My M2Mqtt library on Channel9 !


The MQTT client, which I released on CodePlex that can be used with all versions of the. Net Framework specially with NET Micro Framework, was published with a blog post on Coding4Fun on Channel9 by Greg Duncan.

My CodePlex projects : upgrade to .Net Micro Framework 4.3

I let it go longer than expected but finally I did ... as they say ... better late than never!

All my projects on CodePlex have been updated to support the latest versions of. NET Micro Framework, the 4.2 and 4.3, but above all Visual Studio 2012!

I’m speaking about :

I hope I have done something pleasing for those who have used them until now.

.Net Micro Framework on your wrist ? AGENT smart watch !

From the Secret Labs (makers of the family of Netduino board), a very interesting project funded through Kickstarter: AGENT smart watch, a watch "intelligent" completely based on. NET Micro Framework! The initial goal of $ 100,000 has been largely superseded even share reaching $ 1 million! Ten times higher than the target set! But what this product promises, whose distribution will begin at the end of 2013 for all those who have participated in the financing (the "backers")? Managed Runtime As anticipated, the AGENT is completely based on. NET Micro Framework (version 4.3) with all those who are the advantages for developers in managed code (eg C #), but mainly related to the development environment that is obviously Visual Studio 2012 ! Hardware : double processor, LCD and sensors Since applications developed for the smart watch may require more power, the AGENT has a Cortex-M4 to 120 Mhz to which, however, was accompanied by a second processor (an AVR, much reduced) in such a way that the primar ...

MQTT and .Net Micro Framework with Netduino Plus board : a simple alarm system !

Since I loaded my small MQTT client. Net Framework (Desktop, Compact and Micro) on CodePlex, I have never posted a simple example of the use of time for questions. In this post, we shall see how it is possible to realize a "simple" alarm system consists of two boards Netduino Plus both connected in the network, through the first board we are able to detect a movement through the use of a PIR (Passive InfraRed) sensor while the second is capable of receiving the notification of the detection (in this case does is to write it on the console Debug). Obviously, the second board may be trivially replaced by a smartphone through which we could be alerted in real time of the intrusion. Regarding the broker, it is the simple RSMB (Really Small Message Broker) of IBM which can be used in a totally free for non-commercial purposes and downloaded here. You do not need to install it but, in the case of Windows, is a simple executable to be launched in order to have a broker and MQTT listening on the default port (1883) ...

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is among us!

After hearing about it for months, finally Windows Embedded Compact 2013 has arrived! The successor to Windows Embedded Compact 7 promises a number of improvements that I report below: General improvements related to the core; Improved performance of the file system (which in my opinion was one of the weaknesses of previous versions); Otimization of the boot which has a duration of a few seconds, possibly with a UI and a number of drivers that are already active; Built-in support for Wi-Fi, cellular and Bluetooth; Obviously, the operating system supports x86 and ARM architectures and the development environment is fully integrated with Visual Studio 2012, and is guaranteed to coexist side-by-side as an environment previously installed Visual Studio 2008 (WCE7) or Visual Studio 2005 (WCE6). In order to begin to enjoy the new features, you can download it at the following link and can be very useful to follow the two webinars by Douglas Boling on 18 and 25 June: Windows Embedded Comp ...

News about Windows Embedded Compact 2013

Today I have seen a Microsoft webcast held by Douglas Boling, author of numerous books on Windows CE, and the main topic of the new Windows Embedded Compact 2013, to be released on the market is imminent. There are a lot of news, especially in terms of performance of the operating system and available development tools. The basis of the system will be Windows CE 8 that has inherited the best of Windows Phone 8 and as always will be "modular" through his extensive catalog. The improvement in performance is closely linked to the file system that guarantees an increase in the speed of loading applications and a reduced read access time. In addition, it has been introduced its "snapshot boot" that guarantees a boot time very low in the case of cold start. As far as the development environment, Platform Builder 2013 "hosted" in Visual Studio 2012 with all the improvements arising therefrom; is interesting to observe that it is possible a side-by-side installation with Platform Builder 7. The development of nat ...

One of my new little project on CodePlex: M2Mqtt


I have just posted a new little CodePlex project: M2Mqtt.

It is a MQTT client (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) that can be used on all .Net platforms, obviously focused on. NET Micro Framework.

MQTT is a protocol for M2M (Machine to Machine) as part of the Internet of Things and for which lately has been a process of standardization by OASIS. Suffice it to say that thanks to his remarkable "lightness", was chosen as the protocol for the exchange of messages through the Facebook Messenger.

For further information please refer to the official website MQTT but I will not fail to publish as soon as possible a series of articles related to this protocol and to the use of the library that I just released.

I recommend .... stay tuned!

μPLibrary ThingSpeak client on Channel9 !


This time on Channel9 there is the project of Duke Nukem gas sensoring with .Net Gadgeteer that makes use of my client ThingSpeak included in uPLibrary. I'm obviously happy to see that my "little" work can always be helpful to others and to be recognized as valid and working .... hopefully!
Should serve you, remember that it is always available on NuGet!


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