I purchased some Windows 10 Phones for business use where they are to run a custom UWP business app.  Being about $100 they are quite economic but they were locked to local Telco, Optus (Australia). The Telco would give you the unlock key for $90 but I found an online site that could do it for about $20.


The key take home is that the instructions for implementing it as per the Telco and as per the source of the key I used, did not work for me but there is a simple method that worked for me that others had used with AT&T:

  • Start the phone with another Telco's SIM card.
    (It is expected that a dialog will automatically popup here prompting to get the unlock code .. but not for me!)
  • From the phone keypad "dial": ##7820#
  • A Dialog box shows that enables you to enter the unlocking key and to complete the unlock process.

The Unlock service I used was http://www.cellfservices.com/store/unlock-nokia-lumia-640.html