Still no joy with my board. Purchased a new 12V 1.5A Plug-pack with a a better sized connector but can’t get any life from my board.

  • The 12V is coming to the board. +12V is on conductor from back of socket closest to the polarity marker, and GND being near what I think is an aerial (near a short edge of the board.)

When power is applied:

  • No LEDS light up
  • When micro-USB is connected to PC, no ports show for it in Device Manager, no beep upon insertion.
  • When I run the DragonBoardUpdateTool it does not find the board:


Yes I have set the switch to USB boot.


Whilst waiting to get a booted board …


SPI Accelerometer Sample (incl. logic level shifting)


The Low Speed (GPIO/UART etc) Bus Pinouts (from the Blinky page)


  • image

Logic-level shifting

From the Setting up your device page.

Logic-level shifter - recommended - Many peripheral devices require 3.3v or 5v logic level voltages. The DragonBoard 410c supplies 1.8v logic and therefore may require a logic level shifter when connecting your DragonBoard to these types of peripheral devices. Some example shifters include: Adafruit 8-channel Logic Level Converter and SparkFun 4-channel Voltage-Level Translator. We will show you how to use these shifters in any of our samples that require them for DragonBoard. To see an example of one such sample, refer to the DragonBoard section of the SPI Accelerometer Sample. You may also refer to SparkFun’s Hookup Guide. You will not require this device in order to get started with the DragonBoard