In a previous blog I covered the use of the FTDI D2XX driver on a Windows 10 IoT Core Raspberry PI 2.  An issue arose with respect to Startup Tasks.


Win 10 IoT Core: FTDI Serial Driver–Headless Startup Task problem:

FTDISimpleIoT on GitHub: (My simplified version .. NEW).

Previous Embedded101 Blog on topic:

FTDI D2XX Drivers: (They are in the GitHub project).
       Look for  |
Windows RT  |  2014-07-04 |  .. the second line in the table.

D2xx WinRT Guide:

Jark’s Project on GitHub:

Devcon: Add and Remove Driver Packages documentation:

An old link the explains what error 28 is. It says driver not loaded.

Forum Link: forum=WindowsIoT


  • Microsoft have  looked into the issue and got some strange findings.
  • Able to reproduce the issue - works from foreground app, doesn’t work from background app
  • Using FindAllAsync and Windows.Devices.Usb.UsbDevice directly, can successfully enumerate and open the USB device from foreground and background apps. This implies that permissions and capabilities are set up correctly.
  • Even when FTManager.GetDeviceList() returns an empty list, the underlying API in the device broker that it calls to open a handle succeeds.
  • Therefore it’s unlikely the failure is due to failure to enumerate the device or open a handle.
  • After a while, FTManager.GetDeviceList() started returning an empty list even in a foreground app.
  • At this point FTDI’s code is needed to figure out why it returns an empty list even though it successfully enumerates and opens a handle to the device.
  • They are currently verifying ARM builds of the FTDI driver and are working hard to get this in the image. Hopefully these normal drivers will soon be part of the official images,


  • Unfortunately haven’t been able to get a response for FTDI on the above issue.


Hopefully the Microsoft driver will be a VCP one.