Now Non Beta, have finished testing
  • ARMV7 as well x86
    • Have had running on ARM and x86
  • Projects configured as OS Subprojects
    Add to OS project via Catalog.
  • Full Source in zip file.
    Also in SOURCE CODE (can get via TFS)
  • Now added ADO Test apps
  • Compact 2013 requires native code components to be rebuilt in its context. This project adds some ThirdParty components to Compact 2013 Platform Builder as OS Subprojects, selectable via the Catalog. This second version provides full source as buildable OS subprojects, including the native SQLite.dll. Whilst you can rebuild that DLL, it is provided for Compact 2013 as prebuilt ARM and x86 binaries in the SQLite2013 project, a CEComponentWiz style components-only subproject. A simple test application is included in binary form and as separate project, as is a command line app for running individual SQLite commands. There is also a matching ADO.NET test application.

    There are 7 projects:

    • SQLite: The native DLL
    • SQLiteTest: A simple console app that exercises the DLL
    • SQLiteCmd: A command line app which will run single SQLite DBMS commands
    • SQLite2013 : Packages the outputs of the above 3
      • Comes with prebuilt ARM and x86 Binaries from above projects
    • SQLiteADONET: Packages the required .NET CF 3.9 SQLite files
      • Is a standalone install. Does require native DLL.
    • SQLiteADOTestCS: Tests ADO.NET as OS Subproject (Note is Managed Code). C# Console App.
    • SQLiteADOTestSDK Tests ADO.NET. Is an SDK project, not part of OS project. But same as SQLIteTestCS.



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