There have been significant updates, added resources and pivotal tweaks to facilitate a more useful MinShell for Compact 2013.

Codeplex Projects:

1. Compact 2013 MinShell Codeplex project is now in Version 3.0
2. There is now the 
Compact 2013 Tools Codeplex Project as well
CEComponentWiz Codeplex project has been modified to support the menu.

Compact13Minshell has been improved functionally as well moving a number of the embedded menu apps to Compact13Tools. That project now hosts the following Managed Code apps, as CEComponentwiz style projects:

Compact 2013 Tools Apps
Application Description
Compact13RunApp Can browse file system to choose app and launch it. Can navigate to shortcuts as well.
Compact13TaskManager A simple implementation of a Task Manager to switch to applications and close applications via their windows. Can also launch new tasks as per Compact13RunApp.
Compact13WebBrowser A simple Web Browser implementation in IE style using the Compact Framework WebBrowser component.
Compact13Notepad A text editor with similar UI to the Windows classic Notepad,
 CoreCon3  The CoreCon modules required for debugging SDK Managed Code apps.

Note that Corecon is now a separate Subproject via the Tools, its not in MinShell. This is to facilitate the extensibility of Compact13Minshell.

CEComponentWiz V3.1 has been updated so that that when a Content Subproject is generated, applications can have a Compact13MinShell menu registry entry generated. Just select that option instead of a shortcut option... Now that's extensibility!