The cat is out of the bag… The Northern Summer (it will be Winter Downunder) embedded Spark Challenge has been announced:

The theme is “Media Explosion” and the context in Windows Embedded Standard 7, the embedded version of Windows 7.

Thos who progress to round two get a suitable hardware supplied.

WES 7 has gone RTM but not yet available on MSDN (Subscribers).


Key Dates

  • April 27
    2010 SUMMER
    Challenge Opens
  • June 8
    R1 Closes
  • June 15
    R1 Winners
  • August 31
    R2 Closes
  • September 7
  • September 21
    Three Finalists Compete
    LIVE on Stage at
    ESC in Boston

It seems that one of the focuses of WES 7 with OEM is for media devices with the Windows 7 “engine”. 

The question is how much can entries appear to just use the inbuilt WES 7 devices/macros yet offer something that is different.

So what would / could be a suitable entry?  One could specify a TiVo like media device.  Or how about a web pad given that Microsoft has just ditched theirs, whereas Apple have just released one?

One question of has is this: WES licensing requires that the device is a specific purpose device, not a general purpose device like a PC is.  A PC can be reconfigured/programmed to be just about anything.  WES licensing bars it being used like that.  Does this constraint apply to the competition entries?

Starting point: Think Windows 7.  ie Multi-monitor, Touch, Glass, Media, Media Player, Mobile Synchronisation, Sensors, Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G, Storage etc
Now rap that up into an embedded dedicated device.

Go for it, Spark your imagination.