This is the questions and answers from today's Q/A after Doug Bolands presentation today wrt Compact 2013 BSPs

Question: Why the switch to Thumb2? Is is more optimized?

Answer: The Version 11 (VS 2012) Compiler targets ARMv7 D32 vFP3

Question: Can you give us a link ot your talk on Porting from Windows CE 6?

Answer: You can find it here:,Products:WindowsEmbeddedCompact7&start=07/01/2012&end=07/07/2013 <redir.aspx?C=f72618f8845c4b12904fcd08a1dc0914&>

Question: Q How do you know what is in coredll.lib and what is in msvcrt.lib? ie When to link either?

Answer: crt = c runtime. Always link to Core, if you use the c runtime add msvcrt as well.

Question: Biggest issue is not the Wince 2013, but the lack of any WInCE BSP from chip vendors (easy to get Linux but WInce? )

Answer: They are coming!

Question: With an OS project: OS Properties/Build Options Disable kernel Symmetric Multiprocessor is NOT DISABLED by default What is the impact of this setting? Particularly with a single core system

Answer: No change. Number of chips are detected.

Question: Do you have a link that is shorter, for the recording?


Question: Is kernel tracker available in Compact 2013 and does it support multicore?

Answer: Yes

Question: Difference of memory requirements for the OS between EC7 and EC 2012"

Answer: No