I've blogged on this before. With the news that vNext is in the air (Windows Embedded Compact 2013) here I go again.

Can I encourage readers to add to this list by posting comments.
If any of these things are already doable that please leave a comment on how to or a link to that.

(1) Extensibility

When you add a new subproject to a WEC7 OS project in VS2008, you get a number of choices (all native code);

  1. A Windows Forms Application
  2. A Console Application
  3. A DLL
  4. A Static Lib
  5. A TUX DLL
Each of these is a DLL typically located at   C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Platform Builder\7.00\cepb\ideVS\Wizards
  • ceconwiz.dll, the console app
  • cedirwiz.dll, dirs. projects
  • cedllwz.dll, dll project
  • ceexwz.dll, Windows Forms project ??
  • celibwz.dll, lib project
  • cetuxwz.dll, TUX project

My wish here is that we have access to the API for creating these projects so that custom subproject templates can also appear here.