This version (CEDriverWizC7) installs project templates to Visual Studio 2008.

There are two project templates in this release:
  • The Stream Driver Template
  • The Basic Stream Driver Test Application
  • The others will be added soon

Installation Instructions

  • Download the zip file
  • Unblock the zip file if its file properties show as blocked.
  • Unzip the file to a temporary location
  • Run the batch file to install

(1) Usage (Stream Driver Template)

  • Load your Compact 7 OS project (or create a new one) in VS2008
  • From the VS File menu choose Add-New Project
  • Scroll down to Platform Builder towards the bottom
  • You will see two new project templates apart from "OS Design":
    • The Stream Driver Template
    • The Basic Stream Driver Test Application
  • Choose the Stream Driver Template and set driver Name and the subproject Location:
    • The location path will default to the root of the OS project whereas subprojects are typically one folder deeper:
    • Add the OS name to the project location path
      • eg C:\WINCE700\OSDesigns\OSDesign1
      • Becomes C:\WINCE700\OSDesigns\OSDesign1\OSDeisgn1
  • Select driver options and complete

  • Right click on the new project in Solution Explorer and choose Remove (this won't actually delete its content)
  • Right click on the OS's Subprojects folder in Solution Explorer and choose Add Existing Subproject
  • Browse to the location of the new project and select the sources file or the .pbxml file

The new Stream Driver is now a subproject of the OS so you can build and test it.
  • If you make the OS after building the new subproject, it will be added to the OS automatically and load on OS startup.
  • Hint:
    • The simplest way is to configure Subprojects such the OS is made(make) (not rebuilt) when all subprojects are rebuilt.
    • Choose VS Build Menu-Targeted Build Settings-"Make Run-Time Image After Building" (Set this)
      • I usually also set "Always Build Debug"
    • Choose VS Build Menu-Build All Subprojects
  • When The OS runs
    • Do a text search of the output for the Stream name or for the Stream Prefix
    • Check the loaded modules for the streams .DLL (Remote Process Viewer)
    • etc.

(2) Usage (Basic Stream Driver Test Application)

  • Add a new project as for the stream driver, but choose the test app.
  • Remove from the solution and add as a subproject as previous.
  • Build the subprojects and make the OS as previous.
  • Run the OS
  • Run the app
    • Choose VS Menu Target-Run Programs
    • Select the app and add the prefix and instance as a parameter
      • eg. MyTestApp.exe STR1:
    • Check the Output for messages.
  • You can also run the app through Target Control or from a command line on the system (or telnet if part of the OS).