This has been a long drawn out experience but useful. I first created the app as Windows desktop .NET 4 app. I then ported it to desktop Silverlight then to Windows Phone 7. As per previous blogs there is a different mindset on the phone.

I will in time blog about these gotchas.

The app is called FootyWhatif

Its a very much Australia thing but I intend to generalise it to other sports/competitions.

“Estimate where your Aussie Rules AFL team can end up at the end of the 2012 Home and Away season from round 19. (can enter and save later results).

- Set rules for your team games and others' to determine the simulated game outcomes (Randomization options).

- Run multiple season completion simulations and get a distribution for estimating final position possibilities with some highest and lowest measures.”

Its in the App Hub being tested and hopefull certified soon and then available through the Market Place.