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Whilst I found Windows 8 Preview on my Tablet much better than the Build version I ran into some problems.

- It would find some on Windows Update
- So I used the Win7 driver installs for these from Motion Computing
- Some still didn't work
- So I use a "trick" that I used previously with the embedded versions of Windows OS's where I install the desktop version on teh device first
  - Get the DriverStore folder from Windows\System32  
  - When in Device Manager on the target OS (in this case Win8) I choose this  folder (which I put on a memory stick) and tell it to search there. .. This solves things

- I couldn't get Bluetooth to work
- Multitouch worked OK on teh original install but after doing all of the driver installs as above it became flakey on non functional

I decided to reinstall Windows 8 and not update all drivers that were marked with the yellow icon in DeviceManager. 
- It wouldn't let me reinstall!
- It said that Windows couldn't be installed on the partitions

That is Windows 8 couldn't be installed on a disk on which this version of Windows 8 had previously been installed!

- So I removed the partitions (all) and let it add new ones (reboot required first).  Same again .. It has set the drive up as GPT (GUID Partition Table) rather than MBR (Master Boot File).
One would have thoought that even if the Win8 install had changed the boot manager for the drive, then a reinstall would work.  .. Nah Not in my case.
- So I decided to restore my Win 7 image as backed up using Acronis... Nah .. It couldn't restore to the image's boot partition to the drive as configured.
- Removing all partitions when in a Win8 install then exiting didn't solve it.

I had to reinstall Windows 7 (at least up to disk management part) and delete all partitions there and let it set up an MBF boot partition.

The Windows 8 Install Blue Screen of Death (BSOD):

This meassage wasn't very helpful except to inform of the failure but no clues as to what it was.