In Windows Embedded Compact 7 (the new CE) PBScripts have been added.  These scripts run in the same C7 build environment, that you can get to if you run the C7 build command window.  These means that you can create scripts for all sorts of custom builds and C7 project operations.

This is an improvement upon the External Tools that you can configure on  the tools menu because they are Visual Studio project only commands.  The macros avaialble for them only know about Visual Studio stuff, such as the VS project file name, the VS project target... Nothing that is C7 (and previously) CE specific.

In the wizards I have written, I infer some of the C7/CE parameters from the Project File Name, The Project Name and the Target.  For example, the WINCEROOT is just constructed from the drive that the project file is on.

Going forward with the wizards, I will (optionally initially) run the wizards as a PBScript command (with build environment).  The wizard can then get all of the information that it needs accurately from the enviroment variables.

I have implemented this with CEComponentWizRC3 onwards. for C7.

I haven't found any documentation on this yet so what I say is what I've found by trail and error:
  • The scripts can be accessed Tools-Platform Builder.
  • You can easily assign shortcut keys to scripts
  • There  is only one script active at a time (the last one run).
  • Scripts are stored in your user Documents under PBScripts

For my wizard installer, I've implemented a class that generates a PBScript for the (named) specific wizard application and installs it in your documents as above and is therefore available in VS-PB immediately after installtion.