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Windows Embedded Compact and Windows CE related

CEComponentWiz Major Update for Compact 2013 and .cab File generation ..coming.

New versions  of CEComponentWiz, CECriverWiz and CEDRiverWizTemplates coming in June (Around the time Compact 2013  goes RTM)

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CEDriverWiz: Version 2.00 now available

This is a major update.
Lots of new you beaut features.

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CEDriverWizTemplates: Videos available


Introduces you to the Wizard/Templates

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CEDriverWizTemplates: New release now available (Beta 3)

There is now an updated release for CEDriverWizTemplates on Codeplex,
which adds all of the test application templates for a Stream Driver that are available through CEDriverWiz. Note also that CEDriverWiz isn't dead. A major update for CEDriverWiz is immanent, lots of new features).

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Visual Studio Windows Embedded Compact Wishlist

Some things that should be in Visual Studio-Platform Builder.

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CEDriverWiz New Version

CEDriverWiz New Release 8 Feb 2013

Now available: New version that integrates more tightly with Visual Studio. Stream Driver projects appear as "Add New Project" wizards under Platform Builder subheading Has Stream Driver and Basic Test app templates. Others to follow.

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Two Compact 7 Updates

If you access to access to the MS Mobile and Embedded Site (For OEMs) the first 2 Compact 7 updates are avilable:

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Update of FTDI VCP component on Codeplex

FTDI VCP Component now has FTDI DLL

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Context in s stream driver

A brief overview of context in a device driver.

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The book is nearly done "Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7"

The book is nearly done.

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