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Regedit4CE: Update (Bug Fix)

The source code had a bug with respect to editing Multibyte registry values which has now been fixed.

Compact13Tools V3.0 coming soon

ARM Task Manger works

Regedit for Compact 2013

Compact 2013 Registry Editor available.

Embedded101 Toys: CEDriverWiz and CEComponentWiz ClickOnce Installation

New web installers now available for CEDriverWiz and CEComponentWiz on Codeplex.

Compact13Tools Version 2.0 Released on Codeplex

Now available as zipped up download or can use TFS to get it.

New Version of CEComponentWiz (V4.0)

Better support for Compact13Minshell menu

Compact/CE Codeplex Projects

The following is a list or related Windows Embedded Compact / CE Codeplex projects...

Compact 2013 MinSell Extensions - Major Updates

There have been significant updates, added resources and pivotal tweaks to facilitate a more useful MinShell for Compact 2013.

Compact Framework About BoxTemplate

CompactFW 3.9 About Box now available.

Compact13MinShell: TaskManager

Currently building a simple TaskManager, again in Managed Code for Compact13MinShell.. The project that significantly extends the MinShell in Compact 2013.

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