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DJs Weekly Blog V1.5 - Managed Code Development as part of the OS (Part 1/3)


Hey, I’m excited! I hope you are too. I’ve cracked the code for building C# apps directly with the OS build. That is, as an OS Subproject of a Windows Embedded Compact OS project the Managed Code project can be built and run as with Native Code apps. No SDK needed! No second instance of Visual Studio. There are actually a few ways for doing this but shouldn't we be able to do it like native code subprojects.


  • The Compact Framework
  • CE.NET
  • Corecon and SDK app development
  • Managed Code apps in the OS Build
  • Partial Solutions for so doing

Compact 2013/7/CE Codeplex Projects Update

Updated list of Windows Embedded Compact/CE on Codeplex.

Last updated: 21/03/2014

DJs Weekly Blog V1.4 – Compact13Tools V4.0, Shortcuts, Start Menu and CESerialTerm App


  • Announcement:: CESerialTerm
    • A Simple Serial Terminal for Compact 2013/7
  • Updates in Compact13Tools Version 4.0
    • Includes a Windows style Start Menu
  • A Deep Dive in Compact13Tools and MinShell
  • The new Start Menu

    DJs Weekly Blog V1.3–Hyper-V: Compact 2013 Virtual CEPC Setup and VM COM Ports


    • Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Updates
    • Configuring Compact 2013 Virtual CEPC for Compact 2013
    • HVCaptureCOM (on Codeplex): Configuring and accessing VM COM ports
    • CELoader (On Codeplex): Launching a vCEPC directly from an nk.bin image file.
    • VMs and Remote Desktop Connection Manager

    SQLite for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Version 2: Full Release

    Now Non Beta, have finished testing

    • ARMV7 as well x86
      • Have had running on ARM and x86
    • ADO.NET
    • Projects configured as OS Subprojects
      Add to OS project via Catalog.
    • Full Source in zip file.
      Also in SOURCE CODE (can get via TFS)

    SQLite for Compact 2013 New Release on Codeplex

    In Beta the moment.

    • Now includes ARM (as well x86)

    DJs Weekly Blog V1.2 – Hyper-V Networking (Windows 8)


    • Hyper-V Networking
      • About
      • Virtual Network Switch
      • VM Network Adapter

    DJs Weekly Blog V1.1 - Exploiting Hyper-V for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Development

    • Exploiting Hyper-V for Windows Embedded Compact 2013 Development
    • Connecting to a Development VM
    • About Sysprep
    • Enabling Hyper-V
    • My Development System

    Compact 2013 Set Background Color and Image

    How to dynamically change the background when using Compact13Tools.

    Compact13Tools Version 3.0 Now Available

    A key change is that TaskManager now runs on ARM.

    Lots of major changes.

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