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CESerialTerm Update: Bug fix and added feature .. Need some testers

One bug fix and one new feature.

Compact13Tools - V5.2 Some further updates

Version 5.0 has been further updated to version 5.2.

This fixes some issues in version 5.0, 5.1 and 5.11

DJs Weekly Blog V1.8 - Compact13Tools V5.0 Update (Full source)

This article discusses the just released Compact13Tools Version 5.0 software architecture for Compact13Tools. This version has the full source for the Managed Code which it builds via a batch file.The software is structured as two layers. (Read on for more.) The next blog will introduce CEToolbox which directly builds to Managed Code tools as OS Source Subprojects; a topic covered in the previous three blogs. This article is essentially a slides presentation with some *comments.

Index to My Hyper-V and Managed Code Blog Articles

Hyper-V and Compact 2013 (3 articles)

Managed Code as part of the OS Build ( 3 articles)

DJs Weekly Blog V1.7 - Building Managed Code as part of the OS (Part 3): Debugging


  • Building Managed Code as part of the OS (Part 3): Debugging
  • Windows 8.1 Update
  • $0 Windows Licesninsing and Open Source

Windows 8.1 Update now available: One Small Step for Touch Users.. one Giant Leap for Desktop Users.

Not to be confused with updating from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 .. Do a Bing on Windows 8.1 Update and you'll see what I mean!

Now available on MSDN, dated 3rd April 2014. It comes in three downloads.

  • RT: mu_windows_8.1_rt_update_arm_4046909
  • X86: mu_windows_8.1_windows_embedded_8.1industry_update_x86_4046911
  • X64: mu_windows_8.1_windows_server_2012r2_windows_embedded_8.1industry_update_x64_4046913

Feature Summary: One Small Step for Touch Users.. one Giant Leap for Desktop Users.

Big News From BUILD 2014

Announcements were plentiful at BUILD this week. Highlights include new developer opportunities on the Windows platform with a common platform across devices, a single toolset, a common infrastructure across the Windows and Windows Phone stores, and a clear commitment to interoperability. Specific announcements included:

Coming Soon: Compact13TileShell! New image

Coming soon, Compact13TileShell as an alternative to Compact13MinShell:

DJs Weekly Blog V1.6 - Managed Code Development as part of the OS (Part 2/3)

The update for Compact 2013 is finally up on MSDN. This works in Visual Studio 2013. 
Windows Azure is to be renamed Microsoft Azure.
WEShapWiz can directly generate a C# Compact 2013 project as an OS Subproject that builds with the OS!


  • Compact 2013 vNext (Update) Released
  • Compact 2013 Videos on Youtube by Doug Boland
  • New Tool: WECSharpWiz
  • Managed Code Development as part of the OS Build: WECSharpWiz

Compact13Minshell updated. Further update 28/3/30 (Bug Fix)

Now same version as in Compact13Tools:

  • Compact13Tools includes Compact13Minshell as one of its subcomponents.

This version also sorts the menu.

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