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Ardjson–Part 3: Command line Json: cURL.exe

An Azure Mobile Service table can be simply manipulated via a command line app called cURL.exe

Ardjson – Part 2: Morphing The ToDo Sample Mobile Services Project into the Telemetry Project

How to modify the Mobile Services sample ToDo List application into something useful.

Ardjson – Part 1: A New IOT Project on Codeplex

A new Codeplex project as follow up to my recent IOT presentation focusing upon Embedded Devices interacting with an Azure Mobile Service.

Compact 7 Wave 2 Released

A new release of Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available on MSDN which is a rollup of all previous updates packaged as a new installation.

Another Gotcha: Smartdevice apps with Compact 7

App development outside of Compact 7 Platform Builder involves using a second instance of Visual Studio for a Smartdevice .Project. The target OS must have the correct version of Corecon that VS targets it with.

Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a partnership with Microsoft who will offer Windows 10 for Rasberry Pi: Blog entry

Did my first presentation today on IOT.

Doing an embedded presentation on IOT. Involves Azure, Arduino, REST, Json and  Windows Embedded..

PBScripts Revisited-1

Some PBScripts to use in Platform Builder.

WEC Build error: Can't find file windows.h

Solution: Clean out the build and do a rebuild.

Something in the OS configuration,I don't know what, has got corrupted. Works every time for me!Smile

Another: When building get an error that says not much more than “In” .

Solution: You’re building whilst the OS is running. Shut it down first.

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 SDK Build Issue

eMVP ErwinZwart ( has blogged on his site wrt a problem when attempting to build a WEC 2013 SDK. You typically get a message such as: ------ Build started: Project: OSDesign10, Configuration: VAR-SOM-AM33 ARMV7 Release Platform Builder (_TGTCPU) ------ Starting Build: call "C:\Users\DAVIDJ~1\AppData\Local\Temp\PB\BuildSdks.bat" ============== Microsoft .NET Framework 4.x Full installed. "SET PRJ variables because IMGREGHIVE=1" Wince ARMV7 CEBASE VAR_SOM_AM33   Development Environment for DavidJones "C:\WINCE800\public\common\oak\bin\i386\BuildOutputFilter.exe" -- "C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe" /d /c "call "C:\Users\DAVIDJ~1\AppData\Local\Temp\PB\BuildSdks.bat"" C:\WINCE800\build.log(3) : Warning: You have one or more CPU families to be included in the SDK that have missing or out-of-date headers and libraries. Make sure to build the following configurations: VAR-SOM-AM33 ...

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