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Platform Builder: makeimg: FATAL ERROR: Out of buffer space

It seems that PB (CE 6 in VS 2005) doesn’t like long path names.

I’ve come across this before.

It builds OK but then fails over in makeimage as above.

C:\WINCE600\OSDesigns\LPC3250-DK_BIN  with solution file in this directory worked OK.

C:\WINCE600\3rdparty\PhyCore_LPC3250_BSP_EVAL_V1_0_3_Prerelease\OSDesigns\LPC3250-DK_BIN  fails as above

I seem to remember that spaces can cause problems too.

It seems a path length issue here.

Thanks to Bruce Eitman:


... And   Nicolas Besson seems to have blogged about the same problem jsut when I came accross it:


Windows Mobile OS Roadmap (Unofficial)


From Mary-Jo Foley:


KEY Points:

  • Windows Phone 7 is due for release soon
  • Announcement of Enterprise Handheld

Windows CE 6: Networking Device Emulator on Win7

It says that you need VPC 2007 when you try to enable networking with the Arm emulator.  But Win 7 has a later VPC.
But when installed (Win 7 version) the required networking isn’t installed.

This article seems to resolve the issue:

Thanks Brian

WES 7 Installation: Using IBW (32 bit)

About Task: Install Windows Embedded Standard 7 to the Advantech AIMB-212 (Intel Atom N450) 1.66 GHz Mini-ITX Board .. As supplied for round 2 of the Microsoft embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Build a Media device using WES 7. Creating an x86 (32 bit) installation Using a USB Memory stick as the installation media.  (See previous blog on how to set this up). Using a SATA Laptop Hard drive as the installation media. Initial functionality: Windows Media plus a USB HDMI Digital TV tuner. Also adding a Wacom MultitouchTouchpad and a Winstars USB 2.0 HD Video/Audio adapter. Step 1: Windows 7 As discussed in previous blog, I install the desktop version of the operating system first. That is with XP Embedded, I install XP.  With WES7 I install Windows 7. I then make sure all of the required drivers, including 3rd party devices (in this case the USB TV device) work on the system. NOTE: I am using a hard drive from another embedded system (also WES 7) that has some existi ...

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WES 7 Installation: Preliminaries

  Try Windows 7 first Having specified the required solution (as submitted in Round 1 of the embedded Challenge), and purchased (or been given as with the embedded Challenge) the required hardware, the next step is make sure the system can do what is specified. Given that the solution platform is Windows Embedded Standard 7 which is really Windows 7 plus some specialised features (EEFs), my recommendation is to tests things by installing Windows 7 to the system first. This will enable you to test all drivers and additional software before developing the system. This platform can also be used for custom application development; indeed you could install Visual Studio to it and do full insitu development. If this installation is left of the development machine, then you can multi-boot between Win7 and WES7 when resolving issues. Also where there are problems with drivers under WES7 you can use the Driver Store* folder in Win 7 to get the correct driver. That can be the case for some drivers which are not ...

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WES 7 Installation: Setting up a USB Drive for Installation

A USB Memory stick (or USB Hard drive) can be configured as bootable drive with the contents of an OS installation DVD

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embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Building the Kit

  View Full Album     The case is made of Perspex sides.   The parts interlock together.  I put it together in a temporary mode by slotting it together and then applying tape across the edges.  I’ll glue it together later. Note that the back is a thinner side and so the slots are smaller on that side. Board assembly I assembled it as follows: (As in the Image Album above). Peel off protective cover for inside sides.  I left the outside protected for now. Attach the top to the 3 sides other than the back Insert the long nylon screws through the base and place spaces inside on the screws. Place the board on the screws and position on top of the spaces.  Screw on and moderately tighten the nuts. Attach/insert any board additions, or hard drives/CF. You might like to test the board now Attach the bottom to box. The space on the rear side for the lugs around the DB25 and VGA connecto ...

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embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: The Kit

The Kit as supplied to Round 2 participants in the embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Build a media device using Windows Embedded Standard 2007   View Full Album   The Advantech AIMB-212 Kit View the album in full as above or click on item below. Glossary Image No:  The Kit in container box The kit opened The kit opened.. again The board from front The board from left side The board from the back The board from above and back The board from right side The board from below From Below again (better picture) The board from above The cables Cables again The box to be assembled A nice simple Perspex assembly The power pack and cables Note Car lighter adapter at top Main power lead at bottom The power adapter in middle and Regulated 12v cable (goes to board) Alternative connectors The power pack from front ...

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Windows Embedded Compact 7 CTP (Next Version of Windows CE)

Its out of the bag.. See Windows Embedded Compact 7 is available as a trial download under the Public Community Tech Preview program (Public CTP). Also: Download appears to be 8 Gig. ================ It requires Visual Studio 2008 SP1> Note VS 2010 has no support for devices, except Windows Phone 7 Mustn’t have Windows CE (any version) installed.   Platforms Freescale i.MX27  ARMv5 Freescale i.MX31  ARMv6 NEC NE1TB          ARMv6 Multiprocessor (MP) Samsung SMDK6410   ARMv6 Texas Instruments 3530 EVM2    ARMv7 ARMv4i support is not available in this release SH-4 is not supported in this release Virtual CEPC (vCEPC) replaces Device Emulator in this release BSPs · 3DS_iMX27:  ARMv5 · CEPC: x86 ...

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Upgrading my Development PC

About I figured it was time to get some more grunt for embedded development.   Last week I put together an I7 930  system.  To cut a long story short, I built a CE operating system in about 6.5 minutes! System Specs: Intel® Core(TM) i7 CPU  930 @ 2.80 GHz That’s quad core, it hyperthreads as 8 CPUs 6 Gig DDR 3 1333 Ram as 3 x 2 Gig CPU has 3 Memory channels so one each Western Digital 1 Terabyte  Sata 3 Black Hard drive 60 GB/s ?? Link TBA ASUS ENGTS250 1G Video Card NVIdia GPU Asus P6X58D Premium Motherboard This one has USB 3 Also can take 6 Core CPU ..Later No CPU or Video overclocking yet.     .csharp ...

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Windows Embedded Compact 7

The Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Compact 7) getting started series is created to provide simple and easy to follow information to help academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to learn and engage in Compact 7 development.

***This is a series of 9 articles, with additional supplements, that cover the following subjects:

  • Development environment
  • OS design
  • Managed code application
  • Native code application
  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded application
  • SQL Compact database application
  • Debug and remote tools
  • More..

Embedded101 Articles & Application Notes

Apr10CEDriverWiz Version 2.00: Using the Wizard
Created by David Jones on 4/10/2013 8:56:42 AM

  Book Links: ...
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Apr10CEDriverWiz Version 2.00: An Example
Created by David Jones on 4/10/2013 7:28:32 AM

Book Links: ...
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Apr09Installing CEDriverWiz for Visual Studio
Created by David Jones on 4/9/2013 8:41:27 AM

Install Visual Studio 2012/2008/2005 (depending upon your version of CE/Compact) and all of t...
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Apr01CEDriverWiz V2.00: About this release
Created by David Jones on 4/1/2013 7:33:39 AM

This brings the wizard in line with our Wrox book: "Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7" . ...
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Apr01CEDriverWiz Version 2.00 User Manual
Created by David Jones on 4/1/2013 6:40:34 AM

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May15Configure Flash Storage to Launch Compact 7 OS Runtime with DiskPrep
Created by Sam Phung on 5/15/2012 8:41:50 PM

The DiskPrep powertoy is a useful utility to configure different type of flash storage to launch Wi...
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