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機器人嵌入式系統開發與實作-Robotics and Windows Embedded Standard

    簡介 Windows XP是一套大家都耳熟能詳的作業系統,絕大多數的使用者都使用過這套作業系統,即使像筆者認識的Linux瘋狂愛好者,做簡報的時候也採用Windows XP的環境在播放投影片,Windows XP簡直就是一套老少咸宜的作業系統。但Windows XP終究太大了,且很多功能平時根本就用不上,所以微軟約在2004年研發推出一套開發工具“Windows XP Embedded”,2009年推出最新版本並改名為 Windows Embedded Standard,這其實和Windows XP是一模一樣的東西,不同在於,他把Windows XP的那一堆功能變成一個一個的“元件",總共有一萬多個(可見Windows XP是多麼龐大的一套系統),使用者可依照需要的情況去選擇想要的元件來使用,這樣做可以大大的減少系統的空間需求,也因為東西變少了,速度自然變快,本文就利用RoBoard來實作Windows XP Embedded的開機環境來探討吧。 RoBoard RB-100是一片小型的嵌入式系統單板,但因為它上面整合了24組PWM訊號輸出和各式各樣的Com/I2C/SPI/AD/USB/LAN之類的周邊控制功能,且速度高達1GHz,遠超越各種微控制器的能力,又省電、體積又小,非常適合拿來做機器人相關的應用,尤其在一些需要複雜演算的領域裡面。 但就像桌上型電腦或是筆記型電腦一樣,總會需要灌Windows XP或是Linux之類的作業系統,有人說可以灌DOS嗎,當然可以,但DOS沒多工能力,相較之下Windows XP還是有一定實用性。可是,使用者在這部份第一次就會遇到重大障礙,原因很簡單,不管Windows XP或是Linux都太大了,機器人應用上是不會需要使用到大部分的控制台功能或是像瀏覽器之類的應用程式,更不用說像是Outlook或是Word之類的應用程式了。且因為規格比起桌上型電腦要低一些,使得他在灌了Windows XP之後的效能也不盡理想。那怎麼辦呢?最佳解決方案就是“部署"微軟的Windows XP Embedded進去,使用上和Windows XP一樣,但是小很多,加上很多特異的功能使得它能開機超快,或是鎖住整個系統,或是完全改掉系統的介面,種種因素使得他非常適合和RoBoard搭配。注意筆者在這裡使 ...

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RC SERVO為多數小型機器人最主要的致動器,它的體積小、重量輕並且可提供精確的旋轉角度與足夠的扭力,目前市面上知名的廠牌國產的有祥儀、廣營、栗研等,日、韓系則有Kondo、Hitec所生產的RC SERVO 大部份是透過PWM(脈波寬度調變)來控制。本文將逐步介紹PWM原理、RC SERVO feedback功能、如何使用單板電腦RoBoard產生PWM來控制RC SERVO,最後以KONDO的KRS 788HV RC SERVO為例,編寫一個以示教方式教導機器人完成揮手動作的程式。讓閱讀過本篇的讀者了解到RC SERVO的控制原理,以及對如何編輯機器人動作有初步的概念。 什麼是 PWM訊號? 它是Pulse Width Modulation的縮寫,是將訊號編碼於脈波寬度上的一種技術,此技術以數位方式來模擬類比訊號,廣泛應用在資料傳輸上。而因數位訊號只存在High,LOW電位的變化,相較於類比訊號,比較不會受到雜訊干擾。 PWM訊號中,脈波寬度在整個週期所占的比例稱為工作週期(duty cycle),是指位於邏輯高準位(logic high level)的波型在整個週期中占所的比例。下圖一說明兩個不同工作週期的波型差異,其中30%工作週期的波型位於邏輯高準位的時間少於50%工作週期的波型。 圖一. 固定週期不同duty cycle的PWM波型 PWM如何控制RC SERVO? 市面上的RC SERVO控制介面可分為以下幾種:PWM、RS232、RS485、I2C,其中PWM控制是一種受歡迎的控制方式,一般是利用duty cycle high的寬度來控制RC SERVO的旋轉角度,舉例來說, KONDO KRS-788HV這個SERVO所接受的duty cycle high寬度介於700us ~ 2300us之間,因此使用者必須提供此範圍的PWM訊號才能令它動作。 下圖二為改變duty cycle high寬度來控制RC SERVO角度示意圖,以KRS-788HV為例,給予1500us的PWM訊號,它會轉到90度處(因為1500us寬度為中間值,KRS-788HV的可動角度為0 ~ 180度,所以對應到中間位置)。 圖二. 改變PWM duty cycle控制RC SERVO角度示意圖 不同的RC SERVO製造商就會有不同的預設PWM與旋轉角度範圍 (一般是180度或270度),所以 ...

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2009 Imagine Cup Worldwide Final Egypt – Event Summary

For 2009, twenty student teams from the following countries were invited to compete in the Embedded Development Worldwide final.

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2009 Imagine Cup Worldwide Final Egypt – Day 2

This year, twenty student teams from the following countries were invited to compete in the Embedded Development Worldwide final: Team OpenLab from Brazil Team Bamboo & Papyrus from Canada Team iSee from China Team MedBox from Egypt Team ESIEark from France Team IT WizKids from India Team Pendekar Asyik from Indonesia Team CLFS from Japan Team Wafree from Korea Team Brainy Brownie and the Marvelous Thinker Threats from Mexico Team Krejzi Dzepetto from Poland Team bdpq from Romania Team SoundStreamers from Russia Team Infusion from Singapore Team SAS-EN from Sri Lanka Team SEEDS from Taiwan Team AST from Turkey Team Intellectronics from Ukraine Team uUH from United Kingdom Team PARV from United States On the day 2, there were two rounds of competition for the Embedded Development invitational.  After these two rounds of competition, 6 teams were selected to advance to the final round of competition which took place on day 3. The six teams selected to advance to the final round of ...

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2009 Imagine Cup Worldwide Final – First day

The Worldwide final in Egypt was an amazing event, fills will excitement and full of energy.  The opening ceremony was held outdoor in the evening a the Citadel, one of the famous historic landmark in Egypt.  Attendees were transported to the Citadel early and had a chance to look around the Citadel.

Here is a short video on YouTube that provide a recap of the first day for the Imagine Cup Worldwide final.

Opening ceremony stage and sitting area.

Attendees roaming around before event start…


Egyptian folk dance

Velma And Windows Mobile

There has been a new arrival in the stable of bicycles at the Wilson household. How and why I acquired this new bike (more correctly described as a tricycle, or trike to sound more adult) is a story for another time, but suffice it to say that it involved a friend of many years who is something of a semi-professional bicycle racer. I will be forever grateful to him for making this bike, oops, trike, available to me. As I see it, one of the great things about trikes are their potential for being "geeked out". This kind of thing is also possible with regular bicycles, but the extra weight seems more noticeable on two wheels, and there are fewer places to mount the gadgets. Which brings me to the reason for this post, to recount my experience using a Windows Mobile device as a bicycle computer. Before we begin, let me introduce you to Velma (the name of the new trike). Velma is a recumbent bike, so the pedals are in frot while my torso reclines in a comfortable seat, far easier to cope with on long rides tha ...

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Stream Driver Wizard: First version Description

I've got a first version ready for release.  Here is a decription of it. 

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CEFileWiz and StreamDriverWiz .. back to the future!

I've been working on building Mike Hall's CEFileWiz and StreamDriverWiz for CE 6 and for Windows Embedded Compact 7.

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Windows Embedded Compact 7 CTP: First thoughts

I have had my first go with WEC7.  Here are some brief initial comments:

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embedded Spark 2010 Summer Challenge: Tour de France!

embedded Spark 2010 Summer ChallengeHW Correction (The board)

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Windows Embedded Compact 7

The Windows Embedded Compact 7 (Compact 7) getting started series is created to provide simple and easy to follow information to help academic, hobbyist and commercial developers to learn and engage in Compact 7 development.

***This is a series of 9 articles, with additional supplements, that cover the following subjects:

  • Development environment
  • OS design
  • Managed code application
  • Native code application
  • Silverlight for Windows Embedded application
  • SQL Compact database application
  • Debug and remote tools
  • More..

Embedded101 Articles & Application Notes

Apr10CEDriverWiz Version 2.00: Using the Wizard
Created by David Jones on 4/10/2013 8:56:42 AM

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Apr10CEDriverWiz Version 2.00: An Example
Created by David Jones on 4/10/2013 7:28:32 AM

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Apr09Installing CEDriverWiz for Visual Studio
Created by David Jones on 4/9/2013 8:41:27 AM

Install Visual Studio 2012/2008/2005 (depending upon your version of CE/Compact) and all of t...
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Apr01CEDriverWiz V2.00: About this release
Created by David Jones on 4/1/2013 7:33:39 AM

This brings the wizard in line with our Wrox book: "Professional Windows Embedded Compact 7" . ...
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Apr01CEDriverWiz Version 2.00 User Manual
Created by David Jones on 4/1/2013 6:40:34 AM

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May15Configure Flash Storage to Launch Compact 7 OS Runtime with DiskPrep
Created by Sam Phung on 5/15/2012 8:41:50 PM

The DiskPrep powertoy is a useful utility to configure different type of flash storage to launch Wi...
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